• Reticular Activation System (RAS)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A micro-system of the brain system that evolved to allow humans to pay close attention to only things that are most important to them. The object of attention usually involves an event, item, or relationship that preserves or increases the organism’s survival and replication value

    Full Definition:

    In the medical field, neuro-scientists defined the RAS is a part of the brain that forms a special micro-system of nerve cells. These nerve cells link the medulla, pons, midbrain, and cerebral cortex and act like a sentry/post.

    In pickup artist terms, this RAS system in reality and practice allows a person, for example, to notice his friend talking or a particularly attractive female  passing by. The RAS tunes out the crowd, and it is almost as if you can only see and hear the thing that is most valuable to you. It sometimes takes great conscious effort to break out of the automated RAS influence.

    In the Blueprint, Tyler/Owen explains the meaning of the RAS. In brief, it explains the behavior of women at the bar and how they can tune out a guy who has displayed or conveyed lower value. Many men do not understand this because they do not understand RAS. Similarly, we may find ourselves tuned out of our less attractive female friends. Even though they ARE our friends, it is as if her speaking volume is turned down and the blurring image of the hot blonde in your peripheral vision is getting stronger and stronger. RAS is evolutionary biology’s primary system for determining what is most valuable to you from a S&R standpoint. To this extend, it is often unconscious. In gaming girls in a high energy dance club environment, understanding this concept is crucial to a PUA’s game.

    Tyler (Owen) talking about RAS and how it affects your momentum:


    Notice how RAS affects your female friend’s behavior at a bar, even though you are her friend, her attention is automatically driven to the guy who brings her to most S&R value

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    Source: Neuroscience and psychology

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