AKA Social Restraint

Quick Definition: Understanding that sometimes taking no action is the best action in certain social situations.

Full Definition:

Social Restraint is an advanced form of social maneuver. Unlike a newbie who is timid and does nothing, social restraint involves knowing the effect of what you can do and then choosing not to do it.

Not bragging for example after sleeping with a girl involves social restraint. Instead of making guys jealous and girls more cautious of your advances, a guy can choose to be discrete. The best guys who move among women are those who do not air their dirty laundry publicly.

Women are generally better at showing restraint than guys, originating from the different in physical strength

Restraint also means saying what you mean, no more and no less. That way, people take you seriously when you talk business, and they know that what you say is exactly what you mean.


Show some restraint in your stories if other girls find out about her, you will lose a lot of opportunities.

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