Quick Definition: The colliding energy that is accompanied with the push and pull of seduction.

Full Definition:

There are many definitions for “resistance” in the seduction community. In this particular case, it refers to the tension that is created between a man and woman that is the basis of raw attraction. For example, when a woman says something intriguing, instead of nodding and agreeing with her right away, the artist can show a blank face and pause for a few seconds after she finishes. Then, follow up with, “That is AMAZING. I like how you described the aqua blue texture of the water!” This behavior creates what we call “resistance.” The seduction feels like the woman is working for it. The rewards feel real, and nothing is given too easily without reflecting its real value.

The concept of resistance also applies to social pressure. Going up to a woman in a bar, with the whole room watching, and maintaining dominance and frame creates a very strong resistance in the artist with the room. This social pressure, if handled correctly, can be very attractive for the woman. Most romantic movies illustrate resistance very well. The build-up of what could be. The larger and stronger the buildup, the more intense is the release (figuratively and literally speaking).

The scene from The Notebook illustrates the concept of resistance and how it can fuel desire when it is “released”:


Try to create a strong dynamic of resistance early on in the interaction.

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