Quick Definition: The ability to withstand and overcome stress and adversity.

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The life of a pickup artist is no walk in the park. If it were, every Tom, Dick and Harry would be treading the path. Your resilience refers to your ability to withstand and overcome stress and adversity along the journey. But remember, being resilient doesn’t mean going through life without any stress or any failures; because if you live such a safe life, you might as well have not lived at all.  Being resilient means being able to accept and face life’s challenges, overcome them and bounce back stronger than you were before.

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Resilience isn’t something that you are born with either. It’s something that has to be learned and reinforced over a lifetime. Your up-bringing, your beliefs and your relationships with your friends and family can all have an effect on your resilience.

Your resilience can be divided into five main areas:

Mental Resilience – Mentally resilient people aren’t fazed by life’s hardships and difficulties. Instead they approach each challenge with a positive outlook and unshakable self-belief. They are able to step back and take stock of the most trying situations and casually analyze the best course of action. These qualities help mentally resilient people succeed in most walks of life and make them a source of strength to those around them.

Emotional Resilience – Emotionally resilient people are outcome independent. They are able to detach themselves from external stimuli, and insulate their own emotional state. Emotionally resilient people can face adversity and rejection without doubting their own self worth.

Spiritual Resilience – Spiritually resilient people are able to face the ups and downs of life without doubting or questioning their own core beliefs. As a pickup artiste, you will encounter countless situations where your beliefs and actions are questioned by those around you. Your spiritual resilience will help you empathize with views and opinions of others while having faith in what you believe is right.

Intellectual Resilience – Intellectually resilient people are able to step out of their comfort zone and try out new ideas and behaviors. Most people tend to shy away from ideas and behaviors that are alien to them because they are  afraid of the possibility of failure. Intellectually resilient people understand that the only way to conquer this fear of failure is by trying new things, failing, and trying again until we succeed. Becoming a successful pickup artiste involves trying out new behaviors and ideas that might make you uncomfortable at first, so intellectual resilience is integral to your success.

Physical Resilience – Physically resilient people are able to withstand and adapt to the physical challenges of life. Physical stress and fatigue can often reduce the brain’s ability to produce the chemicals that provide a buffer against depression and burnout. Physically resilient people lead lifestyles that help them remain at peak physical condition which in turn helps them maintain optimum performance levels in all walks of life.


He is able to easily overcome rejection because he is emotionally resilient. 

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