Residential Training

Quick Definition: Bootcamp style training that involves the student living within a mansion or with instructors over a period of time, usually throughout a long weekend or a whole week (sometimes more).

Full Definition:

Pioneered by Gambler and PUA Training, the coaches originally saw the flaws in weekend bootcamps: short term, temporary, and the inability to follow up with the student after the brief in-field experience. The residential program is intended to let students live and breathe with instructors and be around both natural players and very beautiful women. Aside from the higher cost, some benefits of residential programs include:

  • Strong immersion with coaches there 24/7 with inner game as well as sticking points
  • Customized training with coaches, and access to all the different coaches that live in the mansion
  • Consistent effort day after day
  • Mock dates with female wings or coaches
  • Gaining the subtle cues that masters have by spending a lot of “hang out” time with them


I’m going to do residential training with the guys at PUA Training in London

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Source: PUA Training

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