Relationship Management Review


(DVD Series)


This product was introduced as a break-away hit from Love Systems that deals specifically with relationships. Unlike all other products at the time that deal with “how to get the girl”, these series focus on how to develop a healthy relationship, or how to mold and create the type of non-traditional relationship that you want.

Keep in mind that some of the advice can be biased based on the relationships the Love Systems coaches have, and may still be PUA or men-centered. One may argue that a healthy relationship involves both the man and woman’s understanding of each other, rather than trying to “beat” out one another in a game.

PUA Level

The product is ideal for those with little relationship experience or those who have not learned the lessons from past relationships, or for those who now have relationships but are finding themselves in more challenging situations they don’t know how to deal with. Most people will get something to add to their skill-set from this product. Savoy gives many examples and stories to clearly illustrate the concepts. For example, how to manage expectations and have a healthy outlook on multiple relationships, while maintaining honesty and integrity among all parties. He also talks about the inevitable rotations and sometimes fights that you may have in a relationship, and the origins of why it happens.

Conflict resolution or conflict “precedence” is also explored

relationship management dvds

relationship management dvds savoy

Woman’s Viewpoint

From a woman’s perspective, the advice is good and straightforward on traditional relationships (exclusivity with one girl) but becomes weaker when he starts to talk about multiple and more complex relationships. It does a good job of summing up the good quality community knowledge out there into one place for a beginner. The point is to have the power to date multiple women should you choose to.

The concept of “love” is briefly explored, although I believe not in enough depth.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to keep challenging your girlfriend so she doesn’t get bored with you
  • How to date multiple women at once, without being dishonest
  • How to get into and maintain a Friends with Benefits situation;
  • How to handle and setup a woman to be comfortable with a threesome
  • How to predict if she’s going to cheat or sense “indicators” of where the relationship is at from her perspective

Savoy on being a good boyfriend:

Savoy does instruct you to keep your girl away from other guys which is a bit old school and a mindset that will not set a good foundation for relationships with women. It will actually cause drama, conflict and eventually the end of that relationship. I tend to believe more in total openness – true love cannot be stolen away by another. But then again, I am considered a bit idealistic and naive. This product is pretty good if you don’t have a lot of relationship management experience. Otherwise – try dating a girl seriously and find out for yourself!