Quick Definition: When a girl has seen Low Value behavior in the PUA and has lost all attraction for him, determining that he does not have high S&R Value.

Full Definition:

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Rejection is nothing the PUA should take personally. In fact, for many rAFCs, rejection should be sought after in the beginning to see what it is like and how it really doesn’t affect him at all. Rejection should be used as a learning tool.

When a set rejects the PUA, it is usually after the PUA has DLV’d himself in some way. Thus, the PUA can backtrack what he did or said that got him there in the first place. When rejection occurs, it usually is followed by an ejection from the set.

As practice, some advocate that the PUA should continue to plow to grow a thicker skin for rejections. The PUA must know that rejection is nothing to be afraid of, and that it does happen from time to time. Even the best PUAs still get rejected from time to time due to logistics, but the initial approach has led to a more fulfilled life than if the PUA hadn’t approached at all.

Here’s a tough rejection from a marriage proposal

Recently, new PUAs have advocated that there is no such thing as rejection, and that all interactions are a experience to learn from.


Don’t take any rejection personally – Matador

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