Rejection Hang Time

AKA Rejection Recovery Time

Quick Definition: The time in between a response to a text message or phone call from a girl whereby the PUA has the tendency to wonder if she lost interest or otherwise is choosing not to continue to interaction.

Full Definition:

This term comes from the concept of “hang time” in basketball, or waiting for the final score. Having a long hangtime in basketball is good, however in pick up, generally not good.

If an artist texts a girl and it takes her 2-3 days to respond, that “hang time” is usually not good. She’s possibly camping or away and got back to you as soon as possible, however most people receive texts right away. We have the tendency to think that girls may be busy at the gym or traveling but most of the time, a delayed text means that she read it when you sent it, but decided to response later on.

Just like good friends usually text back right away when you call or text, a girl’s response is relative to her interest in you. Therefore, try to have good text game to close out the margin of error.

During hang time, don’t dwell on it. You’ve already fired your shot. Now, move onto the next goal. If she replies, great, but don’t beat yourself up about it, or text her again. You’re just making the situation worse. If she likes you, she’ll respond. If not, try again in a week. Patience is key here because it shows that you respect the rules of the game and that you don’t really care. Ironically, this mentality often attracts the girls into you again if they initially lost some steam in their interest towards you.

 hang time

Usage: Try to do something completely different during potential rejection hang times

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