Reinventing Yourself

Every great person at some point in his or her life has reinvented themselves. They decided at one point, that instead of drifting along life with no course of action, they would control their image and allow the effects of that to guide them in their desired direction.

One may argue that all of the pop stars today are reinventions, either by themselves or by the record, movie or media industry. Since you already may be aware of the importance of your image (being on this site) and reading about it here, I will focus more on the steps you can take to reinvent yourself, and the pitfalls to watch out for.

Inner vs. Outside Motivation

Before I go on, it is important to note the importance of inner self versus outside influence. For example, one of my clients, when I worked with him, devoted a large amount of effort and time for his new look. He got compliments from a lot of people the week I was visiting him.  Then, around day 4, he started to revert back to his old ways. He may have changed a little, but his old ingrained habits jumped back. This was mainly due to the fact that I wanted to him change, but deep down, I suppose he didn’t really want to change. Outside factors can only influence so much. So he had a nice outfit or two put together, that he uses on occasion, while he goes back to his routine of watching anime and playing video games.

Inner Struggles

Those who defy convention usually develop a deeper sense of motivation that is not dependent on other people or outside factors. Hugh Hefner became Hugh Hefner, as written in his biography, because of a “rejection from a girl I really liked in high school. I was never the same since.” Marilyn Monroe so lacked the love that she needed as a child, and instead became the image of the sweet, sexy girl that everyone loved.

My clients who develop an inner sense of motivation and confidence are the ones that, after I leave, develop a positive habit and pattern of behavior to guide them towards lasting change. They also learn to mastery the concepts of style, which allow for a permanent skill set of style sense that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

To some level major change requires an ignorance to outside social pressure. Most of the time though, people could care less, and it becomes more of a challenge to change your priorities. In other words, you no longer care what people in a particular area care. For example, should I care what my high school friends still think about me when I go to college? This is an opportunity to reinvent myself!

So on some level you want to ignore social feedback. Where you do want feedback is from your own sense of self worth, and the results you are getting. It is important never to take negative feedback from girls or your coworkers personally. However, you must be diligent in realistically seeing the results of a style change, and use that data to make better and more refined decisions going forward.

Have you ever had someone who didn’t like you hurt you? And you wanted to change their perception of you really bad, but instead the more you try, the more they dislike you? Ironically, you move in the other direction and then one day they see the new you, and suddenly want to be with you?

This is what happens when you get your life together and become the man that you were supposed to be. But by then, you’ll realize that the other person’s blessing no longer matter to you.

jealousy 2 girls

At the end of the day, the reinvention is an ongoing process. Your new look will reflect the new inner personalities of your journey, and it will continue to evolve as you get older and wiser.

If you are thinking about starting a journey of reinventing yourself and don’t know where you start, look up the style consulting section or read the Seduce With Style book for a head start on the competition.


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