Reference Points

AKA “Reference Experiences”

Quick Definition: The focal points of experience in various in-field situations.

Full Definition:

Reference points fuel the mindset behind anticipated response. The new PUA who gets coaching to go into the dance floor with 100% confidence and approach the highest BT set, for example, will garner reference points each time he succeeds in opening a set on the dance floor. Over time, he will begin to understand what that feels like. As the PUA garners more reference points that move him along the seduction cycle from attraction to seduction. More reference points means that he will become increasingly comfortable with what it feels like to be a seducer.

Reference points can also be negative, such as learning not to approach a group of girls from behind because it usually startles them. Ideally, negative reference points should be minimal to avoid duplicate mistakes in pickup, but sometimes old habits die hard and a couple of bad blowouts may happen if an artist has a particular pattern of bad behavior that is not congruent to good pickup intuition.

Decision by Hellfire Sushi


As you garner more reference points in your lays you will internalize how to physically escalate with girls more and more.

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