Recent Movies and Asian Characters: Thoughts and Reflections

Guest Post by ORBITOR:

Hey guys,

I thought I’d share with you my recent movie experience involving Asian characters.  You can share this review with any of your Asian colleagues, for I am sure they’d be interested in this topic.
I went to a cinema where they played a flurry of films, most of which I saw as a triple feature.

The first one was the GREEN HORNET…which as you know, features an Asian character Kato who was originally immortalized by Bruce Lee:

They made this, originally serious, superhero franchise into a ridiculous comedy.  The Green Hornet (Britt Reid) is a bumbling fool, who relies on Kato to do most of the fighting and building of the gadgets.  Its like KATO should be the main hero!

And so when I saw the scene where Kato hits on Cameron Diaz’s character, I was like “Yeaaah!”.  Even tho Diaz is almost 40yrs old, she’s can still be considered a high status symbol if picked up. I was thinking, okay, bumbling fool Britt Reid can’t pickup quality chicks…but maybe KATO can!  So here it comes!  And so the scene goes by well.  Kato manages to pique her interest and invites him over.

But then later she rebuffs him & Britt Reid!

THAT was disappointing.  I was waiting to see the Asian guy get the girl over the white main character whose supposed to be the hero of the movie.  But it fell short, dammit!

Altho, I will say that the real Bruce Lee could have pulled it off just fine. Other highlights of the film included a glancing image of Bruce Lee.

After that movie, I headed over to see IP MAN 2:

This is part 2 of the true story of Yip Man, the Wing Chun master who taught Bruce Lee.  I loved the scenes that showed the various rival kung fu masters banding together to defend their country & culture’s honor against the white british oppressors.  I have a new respect for Yip Man now, that I’ve seen how he handles his students and just about anyone else…in a firm, alpha, yet humane way.  Its what all people should model themselves after (at least initially).  There were some historical first-time meetings in this film, as well as a special surprise treat at the end!

All around, a good inspirational film.
ip_man 2_donnie_yen1

Then finally, I headed over to see NO STRINGS ATTACHED:

Its about two white friends who have a friends-with-benefits relationship, starring Natalie Portman & the cougar-lover Ashton Kutcher.

The only Asian guy in this movie was some short mindless dork with a cellphone cam fetish.  Geez, they portrayed the ONE Asian in the film as some mindless fool.  Another case of some powerful white writers/producers portraying Asians as the lowly-status mindless nerds again.  Sigh. Tsk, tsk.

Makes me wonder if Ashton Kutcher had a hand in writing this screenplay.  Officially, the script was written by written by Elizabeth Meriwether, and directed by Ivan Reitman.  However, I noticed certain PUA concepts sprinkled throughout the movie.  Like during one sex scene, certain material from Vin Dicarlo’s “Dominant Sexual Power” product was put into play…Then I got to thinking about how Vin’s friend dated Natalie Portman once…so maybe somehow that’s how Vin’s material ended up in the movie(?)


There was also some accurate female psychology at work in the film.  Although thankfully there was no David Deangelo material being portrayed!  Cocky/funny is so played out!  Natalie’s character is shown being stand-offish when the guy professes his love for her…she rebuffs him…he accepts it and leaves to fuck other women…she discusses it with her friends…then gets upset when he has moved on.  This is true to life!  This is exactly what has happened to me with girls!
It is MADDENING!  Of course most guys would be confused at such female behavior.  and its all portrayed in this film.
All this is something I used to NEVER see in dating films in the 90’s due to the fact that the seduction Community wasn’t as established back then yet.

Here’s a bonus for you guys of real martial arts cinematography:

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