Recalcitrant Experience

Quick Definition: An experience that shatters the web of beliefs a person has built up as a way of maintaining his worldview.

Full Definition:

In Tyler Durden’s Blueprint, he explains the concept of recalcitrant experience in detail:

1. A person has to be of a certain mindset to sense a misalignment between their psychological certainty and their experience of the world. When this happens, we see a “break in the clouds” or a “moment of clarity”.  The feeling at first could be anger, or confusion, but happiness sets in as he or she realizes there is a new way of looking at the world. The emotions can also be mixed. Think of Neo in the Matrix as he is being told that Morpheus that he lives in a dream world.

2. When people first experience a disturbance, or feeling of dissatisfaction, this feeling motivates them to question their social conditioning and the way they see the world. However, they have to be at a point where internally the pillars of their reality are not so dependent on psychological certainty, and rather see reality from a point of interest and curiosity. When our psychological certainty has been entirely debunked and shattered, it becomes easier to see things as they are than it is to hang onto the beliefs that have brought us pain. For many PUAs, these experience can involve cheating girlfriends, understanding some negative natures of human behavior, and just watching how females behave in nightclub environments versus what social conditioning has us believe.

3. Finding these new realizations cannot be done if the person does not want to find it for themselves.


I just had a recalcitrant experience when I saw Troy D in action…

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Source: Tyler Durden, RSD

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