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    Quick Definition: A relationship that occurs right after the termination of a significant long-term relationship.

    Full Definition:

    It’s normal to go through a period of grief after ending a significant romantic relationship. And the length of this grieving period will depend on a number of factors like the emotional connection that existed and the length of the relationship. It is during this period that rebound relationships occur.

    People get into rebound relationships for a number of reasons:

    1. Wanting to prove to their ex that they are over them.
    2. Wanting to feel better about themselves and desired by someone.
    3. The need for a distraction from obsessing over their ex.
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    Rebound relationships are like emotional band-aids. Going from being in a serious relationship to being single isn’t easy. The loneliness and emotional turmoil can be quite hard to handle. So people seek rebound relationships as a way to fill in the void left by the ending of their previous relationship. But the thing with most rebound relationships is that they don’t last. This is because they often start not out of a genuine desire and connection with the “reboundee”, but from a need to feel wanted and desired by someone. People getting into rebound relationships are often not emotionally ready to commit to another serious relationship, and these scenarios usually end up with the “reboundee” getting hurt.

    By focusing on yourself and yourself alone, and not on getting over your ex, you will be able to handle your breakups in a much more effective and emotionally healthier way. And you will be able to avoid the messy situations that often come along with rebound relationships. And if you find yourself being a girl’s rebound relationship, recognize early on that you are a rebound and prepare yourself for the possibility that she will want out once she’s done grieving over her ex.


    She’s only dating him to get over her ex; he’s her rebound. 

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