• Ready to wear AKA Pret-a-porter

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Ready to wear refers to factory-made clothing that does not require customization/tailoring, and is quite literally, ready to be worn right after purchase.  It’s also a pseudonym for clothes that are from “off the rack.”  These clothes are often meant to be worn with no to minimal alteration.  Additionally, they tend to be mass produced, in contrast to haute couture fashions which are painstakingly produced, and can take a long time to make.  It should be noted that ready to wear is not a pejorative term for poor fashion.  There are wonderful designers that make sharp ready to wear garments.

    Ready to wear clothing items can be found at department and second hand stores. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to go through all the items, however you can get very good items as a steep discount. Figuring out the seasonality of the new items and where the second hand stores are is key to finding rare items for cheap.

    mens style jacket ready to wear

    Example of ready to wear jacket

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