• Re: What Can I Help You With In Terms Of Your Style?

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    I asked you what I could help you with, and you responded.

    With a sample of all of our readers who subscribed to our email, I was able to put together how I can help most of our readers. Here is a pie chart showing the different issues that guys have when it comes to style and how I can best help them:

    sws results

    ISSUE #1: “..Not having confidence around women”


    It’s alright mate. That’s why we’re here, right?

    Improving your style is the fastest way I know how, with a little planning and effort, you can drastically improve your own self esteem and also get women more interested in you. After that, you can read the details of how to leverage yoru style in all of your interactions in the SWS ebook.

    Your first step is to take action, even if it is a small step in the right direction, at getting this handled. I wrote a more ‘natural’ way of learning game in my New Artist Guide, to go ahead and have a read and start there.


    ISSUE #2: “I just need to look a little more slick”


    Great! You’re already on your way and looking for a little improvement. Checkout our Style Attraction Switches, and how this is implemented in the ebook’s advanced and technical sections.


    ISSUE #3 “I don’t know where to start”


    A lot of guys feel like this when they first realize that there’s a pivotal problem they have with women. There’s too much information and marketing  being thrown at you. The real answers is to find your own truths. The short answer is that you can read everything and decide for yourself. Checkout the posts on this blog, in particular, those titled “style attraction switches” and “attraction of style”. Then checkout the sexual avatar as a shortcut to attraction, and the lookbooks for the step by step instructions on how to put together an outfit.


    ISSUE #4 “Learning about advanced style techniques”


    This is covered in depth in the second section of my book with pictures.


    ISSUE #5 “Dressing well for social situations”


    This is a very important skill – your impression lasts a long time and can permanently increase or stifle your social value in that community. Learn the keys now to how to adapt your style to different geographies and life situations, and learn the universal mechanisms of timeless style attraction.

    ISSUE #6 “Dressing to impress women”


    This is the very thesis of my book – style for the minimum price and maximum social value.


    ISSUE #7 “Dressing to impress at work”


    Work style is a bit different, and it depends on your goal at work:

    1. If your goal is to stay employed, dress well but not overly well as to not over-step your boss. You should always have your own flair, but be aware of how your superiors respond and adapt. If they are secure, have you own flair (a handkerchief here, a tie pin there) but if they are insecure, dress clean and tidy but never flaunt it. Your attitude counts more than anything here. You want to control your image to your advantage. Ultimately you want to work with people that are not easily jealous of you and have healthy self esteem.
    2. If you goal is to get ahead, you need to plan carefully and dress well. When you can overstep your boss and win, do it, but calculate way ahead of time. Overall your dress should reflect that job that you want in the future, so your image and identity are already morphing into that persona.
    3. If you goal is to attract girls at work, you can dress more provocatively. Judge based on your corporate culture. Understand that this goal may but your job at risk.

    Until next time,

    Your Friend,

    Vince Lin

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    Johnny September 20, 2013 - 10:26 pm

    Hey Vince,

    Just discovered your website today and I’ve been all over it, especially the Avatars page.

    I just wanted to know if you have any tips to looking edgier/different/devil-may-care without looking try-hard or formal, for young guys. I’m a teen male model, I wear fitted clothes, but I always either look too “boy band” with fitted clothes and styled hair. And if I follow your article tips, I’m just going to keep looking more and more clean cut, which I don’t want. I also can’t follow your tips because then I’d look too formal for school, which I’ve done before and it made me stick out in a bad way, kinda like wearing a tuxedo to a casual party.

    I’m a rock singer and I really want to dress more ostentatious and rocker, to be a different type of bad boy, like Tyler Durden, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Keith Richards. I really feel this would resonate with my personality now more than the pop star look I got. But I recognize there’s a fine line between looking unique and looking stupid (I know a guy that wears a top hat and he thinks its rockin, and the whole school just laughs at him.)Thing is, I don’t know where that line is.

    Could you write an article on dressing more “out-there” and edgier without looking formal or stupid?

    AlphaWolf September 20, 2013 - 10:39 pm

    Yep, I feel you and good observation.

    In my book I talk about this a lot – I always struggled with looking “professional” enough for work but still “rockstar” enough in my social life.

    You gotta remember that Tyler, Tyler, and Perry and Richards are ROCKSTARS – publicly – this is their persona. So you can’t imitate them 100% in school. In some ways, how you spend your time and where you are in life determines what type of clothes you can wear to reasonably achieve your goals or hinder your progress.


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