• Re-Opening

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of re-engaging a set that was previous opened with an initial greeting. Can also be coined as a warm approach.

    Full Definition:

    Re-opening is one of the keys to creating strong social proof within a venue. The idea of re-opening revolves around the fact that the initial open cannot directly lead to sex. As such, PUAs can first engage a new set by simply saying “hello.” The next time he sees them in the bar, he can say hi again, and a cold approach now becomes warmer. The more sets that can be re-opened, the more social proof the PUA has within a venue.

    Sometimes, a girl is simply too pre-occupied within a club environment to go home with you at the first encounter. She has her friends, her cell phone, drinks, dancing. As such, re-opening her in a way that adds value, or re-opening another set of HBs that make her jealous, may be key to making her feel attracted to you.

    Lance Mason talks about “waiver game” and re-opening the girls to get their permission to use the footage:


    You should re-open that 3 set!

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