Raw Denim

Raw denim (also known as Dry Denim) is denim which has not been washed after it has been dyed during production. This is in contrast to regular denim (washed denim) which is typically washed and pre-shrunk during the production process to give it a more worn look and softer feel.

Because raw denim is not washed, it is often rougher to the touch than processed denim. However, many denim buffs prefer raw denim because they get to personally wear the denim in, which allows them to create a more naturally worn look that is personalized to their own body.

Some wearers of raw denim will even refrain from washing their raw denim jeans at all, to help with the fading process, although this is not strictly necessary. It can take many months of wear to achieve the whiskers, stacks, and honey combs of a well worn pair of jeans, but for people who are serious about their denim, the wait is well worth it.

Raw Denim from APC
The raw denim collection from APC

Worn Raw Denim Jeans
A well worn pair of raw denim jeans

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