• Rational Discourse

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Refers to the process of making decisions based on pure logic and rationality, as opposed to have an emotional influence on decision making.

    Full Definition:

    This is the opposite of emotional stimulation. Rational discourse tends to take shape in larger corporations and when it comes to “structure” and “stability” in the social hierarchy. It is considered civilized society to have rational discourse.

    emotional vs logical brain

    Despite surface level observation, some argue that all humans at the core make decisions based on their emotions

    Applied to pick up, we never logically try to change a girl’s mind – we change her emotions. This of course applies to seduction and may not apply to females in the business arena or otherwise in a serious negotiation of business discussion.

    A good contrast of rational discourse vs. emotions can been seen between Spock vs. Jim Tiberius in Star Trek (2009):


    Humans are the core are emotional creatures biologically, and our rationality if part of our evolved brain. Much our biological system and brain functions are still programmed to response to emotions.


    Your rational discourse is winning in your decision making process

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