Range of Emotions

AKA Emotional Range / Emotional Diversity

Quick Definition: Refers the full range of human emotions that each surfaces when certain events or feelings are triggered.

Full Definition:

Women are driven, generally speaking, by emotions at the core. Men also, but we have a more logical disposition due to evolutionary forces. In order to get to a girl at the core, you must stimulate her emotions, not her logic. This is from a seducer’s perspective: the girls that are harder (i.e. models) sometimes put up a shield or armor. Because of her beauty, many people will try to influence her or make a connection with her. She knows that she responds to heightened emotions, and therefore her shield allows her to screen properly before giving herself and opening up to emotional stimulation.

How else is High School Musical so popular?

In doing so, she is being flexible to the man’s seduction and she knows that the more time she spends with man of high value (she finds attractive), the most likely she is to sleep with him as driven by her innate biological forces.

In season 15 South Park makes a parody of musicals resulting in blowjobs in South Park. There is an element of truth – musicals (good ones at least) immerse the audience in high and low emotions. There in the dark, the woman’s dreams, desires, fears, aspirations all come through and therefore the emotional stimulation results in her being open to further escalation.

Example with Randy taking Sharon to the musicals:


A great artist learns to tap into the full range of human emotions.

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