Raccoon Eyes Chick

Makeup trick of the year: The smoky raccoon eyes. No, I’m not talking about the Coon…

My Texan roommate: “yeah she was cute. Blond girl. One of those with really white skin. And those big black raccoon eyes”

Me: “Raccoon eyes?”

Roommate: “Yeah. You know. The dark lines around her eyes. Kind of looks like a Raccoon”

Me: “Hahaha! I’m going to write a blog post about this”

Why do girls wear smoky eye makeup? There must be an evolutionary reason for this. As I explored this I found out that there indeed is.  One of the physical attraction triggers for men is a girl with a young looking face, large eyes and small chin. This signals a strong flow of estrogen and therefore biological cues for femininity and more importantly, fertility.

As such, line around the eyes often accentuate the size of the eye in relation to the face as well adds depth to the top part of the face, making the chin look smaller. This is why so many porn stars and celebrities learn to use “smoky eye makeup”. The next time you see it, hopefully you will be less nervous and mesmerized… at least until you get her naked in bed.

The evolution of the smoky-eyed blonde:

Don’t fret. Guys do it too:

Ideally, a light enough foundation should be enough. Here’s Charlize Theron doing it right:

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