• Quotes From Other People That Changed My Life

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Me: “Sorry professor, I know I am always late, I’ll work on it”

    Professor: “I don’t care about that (being late for class). You have a gift. Your thinking, the way you view business. Don’t waste it”

     -Professor Jeanette asked me to stay after class one day. I thought I was in trouble.

    “But…. but … you’re AlphaWolf!?”

     -Fellow PUA who looked up to me, during a night where I was felling down and could not approach a hottie

    “What is it like to be tall and good looking?”

     -Fellow friend from SF asked me, on a day I was feeling ugly.

    “You’re one of the smartest people I have ever met”

     -Anonymous Friend of a Friend

    “Do you want to come in my mouth?”

    -One of the most physically beautiful girl I’ve ever met

    “There is nothing a teacher can teach you that you don’t already know deep within. All a good teacher does is to remove the debris that sometimes covers the ultimate truth”

    -A passage from Ekhart Tolle

    “That was a really good walk. I was waiting out back and then as you get on stage I was like ‘oh wow there he goes'”

    -Cecilia Aragon, feedback to me after a runway show after walking her design line

    “You’re tall, and you have good frame. What a waste, for someone like you not to workout”

    -A frenemy from highschool who sided with my bullies, but always tried to discretely help me out. I have conflicting feelings about him. On one hand he could have just sided with me in full. But he sided with my enemies, and would make fun of me sometimes and help me sometimes. Deep inside, he admired my dad and perhaps that filtered onto me a bit. Truth is, he didn’t have to help me at all, and he was also seeking his own form of social acceptance and it was harder with me around. I always remembered this one advice he gave me though.

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