Quiet Confidence

AKA Calm Confidence

Quick Definition: The surface reflection of a person who has a calmness and confidence in the way he moves through life.

Full Definition:

Quiet Confidence comes from having a strong inner game and meaning in life—a sense of purpose, and a sense of maturity. Some people seem to have it, and others do not. Age is generally not a factor in quiet confidence, although it helps in the level of maturity an individual is likely to possess.

Some of the practical applications of a “quiet confidence” from outer game would be:

  • To move at a slower pace: calm and collected. Do not overly move or twitch hands or face.
  • Talking deliberately and with authority, without shouting.
  • Moving the gaze of the eyes slowly and carefully.
  • Avoid speech impediments such as “um, ah, oh, I think” too often.
  • Outcome independence: you do not think too much about the situation and what you can get from it. You can in the moment, enjoying the interaction for what it is.
  • The ghost: being cool under pressure. Never apologizing or defending a particular position when criticized or faced with a hard question.
  • Being funny or having personal amusement jokes without pleasing other people: if they laugh great, but you are mostly pleasing yourself and in being “un-stiffled” yourself, others will become so as well.
  • To leave things better than when you first arrived; to leave the woman better than when you found her.

George Clooney is a perfect example of a man with quiet confidence:


David has a quiet confidence about him all the time.

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