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  • Queen Bee

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The female leader of the group, or the female with the most social value in the group as perceived by her peers and outsiders.

    Full Definition:                                   

    Women are mean to each other. This is a generalization, but it tends to be true. Due to the dynamic nature of sexual selection, competition among women for the alpha male is actually healthy and an evolutionary benefit for the competitors. As such, some of these behavior patterns have emerged via natural selection.

    In today’s “girl world,” there are many invisible rules and social pressures to be a certain way. Even in our culture, what we deem to be “high social status” is being swayed by the media and others instead of ourselves. Being rich, individualistic, and good looking is the way of America today. It wasn’t always like this, and throughout history society has changed their preference of what is “good” and “high value” for its members.

    It is therefore important to understand the queen bee and the social influences that have come together to create this role.

    How Queen Bees and Girl Rules really work (Understanding this as a man allows you to see the underlying forces in girl rules within a group):


    Marsha is the new queen bee of Fremont high school

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