Quick Definition: To screen for desired qualities in an HB by asking questions or otherwise testing her. Also used in other contexts to as a synonym for approval seeking.

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Mystery Method Definition:

Qualification in MM is a way of screening women for the qualities that the PUA desires. Qualification occurs after the female has expressed interest in the PUA through IOIs. At this point, the PUA must qualify the target, which communicates two important things.

First, he conveys higher value by having standards for picking a woman of value. He shows that he is not willing to settle for any woman, just because she may be physically attractive. Secondly, he allows the girl to showcase her own DHVs, giving him reasons to like her more based on things other than her looks.


Examples of a qualification question/statement:

  • “Do you cook?” (depending on answer, reward or neg)
  • “Are you a very loyal person? Loyalty is very important to me in my life.” (Honestly screen for key characteristics the PUA desires in his life. This also sets a strong precedence for honesty if she says yes)
  • “I really like girls who are adventurous and have a positive energy about themselves.” (Pause and vacuum for response)

It is important to continue qualification throughout comfort and rapport building. Be aware that some GPUAs qualify too early. If there is not enough attraction established, qualifying the girl too early can turn her off as the PUA appears too judgmental. The girl may think, “Why are you coming over and talking to me, and suddenly asking me all these judgmental questions?” DHV first, then qualify.

Other Meanings:

Qualification can also have a slightly different meaning outside of the Mystery Method. Many PUAs use the term “qualify” to refer to when a man or a woman makes a statement in order to gain the approval of another person.

For example, if a girl says “I really like guys who are well traveled,” and a PUA responds with a statement such as, “Oh yeah, I’ve traveled around the world and seen 5 continents,” he is said to be qualifying himself to her because he is trying to win her approval by agreeing with her statement.

A more attractive response would be for the PUA to disqualify himself by placing himself in the “bad” category in a funny and confident way. For example, he could respond: “Yeah? Me, I consider myself well traveled when I make it out of my house to the grocery store.” Properly calibrated, such a statement can amp the attraction by demonstrating that the PUA is confident in himself and does not need the approval of the woman.

Watch Vitaly, a Russian natural use the “qualification” concept by getting make-outs with 3 simple questions:


I know you qualified her a lot, but was there attraction built up in the first place?

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Source: Mystery

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