Qualification Factor(s)

Quick Definition: The minimum or ideal requirements for a girl to talk to or date a guy. Also applies to guys when choosing girls they sleep with or date.

Full Definition:

For cold approaches, the qualification factor can be something superficial and can be overcome. For relationship game, the qualification factor can be something more permanent, that fits a girl’s “ideal blueprint”. There are true core qualification “deep need” factors, and more “superficial need” factors.


Let’s start with cold approach pickup. Her state of mine could be: I want to get laid. If this is true, the first guy who fits her minimum physical requirements, and can make her laugh (or can emotional spike her emotions) will take her home. Qualification factors depend on the girl’s personality and her preferences. Some of them include:

  • He’s not my type (of guy)
  • He’s from  _____ (Racism)’
  • He’s too short

Personality traits for qualification factors include:

  • He talks too much
  • His voice reminds me of a girl
  • He’s too douchey

Long term, qualification factors are very real and can determine the success of a relationship. I will list some superficial and REAL factors:

  • He’s not good looking enough for me (real need: I need him to be strong enough to deal with the social pressure sure to come when people see us together)
  • He’s too needy. Usually refers to the guy being too jealous
  • He’s too independent (I need a man who’s more beta and predictable – yes, some girls actually want this in a relationship)

With more time, the artist can change her blueprint of how her life should be and how she envisions it. If it is not a match, she will challenge you. Eventually, you may “break” her, and breakthrough to a more real relationship beyond the superficial, and you start to embrace the essence of that person alone, instead of their physical and personal traits in this world. Every relationship, on a day to day basis, deals with our ability to reach our deepest (often unspoken) desires.

Guys have qualification factors too. In relationships, we all have different “deep needs”. For cold approach, we have a minimum standard for girls vs. effort. If the girl is ugly but takes less effort, we may be inclined to sleep with her nonetheless. If the girl is hot and takes too much work, we may go after the ok looking one who takes less work. Guys are also subject to ridicule by their peers, if they sleep with a girl who is considered “warpig” status by his friends. He loses social value and this does affect who he goes home with.

Usage: Go get a real man’s blowout. If she’s going to reject you, at least get rejected saying what you intended to say.

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