Quick Definition: Having a purpose that is much larger than just picking up women.

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There’s a cliché within the pickup community that says that pickup isn’t just about women, but is about building a life. Yet so many budding pickup artists immerse themselves in the game to an extent so great that they forget and neglect every other aspect of their lives. It’s not uncommon for students to drop out of college or men to leave their jobs for the sake of having more time to sarge and pickup women. In fact, in his book The Game, Neil Strauss tells of how so many pickup artists unraveled their entire lives for the sake of the game.

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While it is crucial to have goals and purpose as a pickup artist, it is also vital to remember that pickup isn’t a goal in itself. Sure, you should have clear goals on what you want from pickup. It doesn’t matter if it’s more sexual abundance, wild adventures or true love that you seek, as long as you are clear to your purpose. But this shouldn’t be the only image encompassing your bigger picture.

The great thing about pickup and the skills learned while becoming a fully fledged pickup artist is that they are applicable and extremely effective in a lot of other areas in life. For example, pickup artists who learn to deal with their approach anxiety become much more at ease in new situations and among new people than they were before learning the game. And pickup artists that learn the art of frame control become much better at negotiations; an invaluable skill in most walks of life.

So to truly succeed at the game, you must realize that pickup a tool that you should use to build and shape much bigger, grander dreams.

Usage: His purposefulness far exceeded that of a mere pickup artist.

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