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    By on December 25, 2008

    Quick Definition: To lead a woman to one’s house for the purpose of having sex.

    Full Definition:

    Pulling usually refers to getting a girl to go home with you on the first meeting, as opposed to after a day 2. Pulling requires one to build up a lot of sexual tension, as well as a certain degree of trust and comfort. Many PUAs consider pulling to be the gold standard of pickup, since it does not require futzing around with phone game and day 2s.

    Pulling is chiefly a British term, although it is used by PUAs in the US as well. Pull, as it is generally used, is synonymous with fclose, but in some cases it refers only to the physical act of leading a woman to the sex location, with no guarantee of actual sex.


    I had a heavy makeout session with the HB10 blonde at the bar, before I pulled her back to my place.

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    • Avatar Hamilton Ricardo

      I’d just like to clarify this slightly. The word ‘pull’ is used here in Britain to refer to kissing, making out, whatever, not taking a girl home. Pulling a girl is generally used for first encounters or very early encounters but can be used in a jokey way for kisses in long term relationships as well. Pull can also be used in a more general way in the saying ‘on the pull’. For example, before a night out, someone might say ‘are we on the pull tonight lads?’ which just means ‘are we going out with the intention of approaching girls?’ In Britain, the word pull is never used in the context outlined above. A better example (if you’re referring to how it’s used in our culture) would be: ‘I was pulling this well fit bird at the bar then took her back to mine’. I realise that ‘well fit bird’ is also very British but I think that perfectly illustrates the subtle differences in the two cultures (we seldom use ‘hot’ or ‘babe’ for example). I’m not really sure how pulling came to mean what it has in American culture but there you go.

    • Good point Hamilton!

      British guys also say, “I quite fancy her” and “I’m going to chat her up”. Here in the US we just say, “I like her, I’m going to approach here”

      Checkout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaEq79LQ8uk

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