PUA Vision

Quick Definition: An enhanced way of viewing a venue in terms of available sets and HB levels.

Full Definition:

Through practice, a PUA starts developing a sense of seeing a venue in terms of where available sets are. Where the couples are, the single girls, 2 sets, 3 sets, and reading the subtle body language cues that deciphers the relationships between people

The skill to quickly read where the available sets are, and how to jump from one set to another, is coined “PUA Vision”. PUA vision also allows the artist to plan out his night by going up to the less attractive girls first, hooking them, and then going after the 9s and 10s. Or, he can correctly decipher is “higher probability” set with a 9 or 10.

PUA vision is developed over time as the artist spends more and more time in field. It is important sometimes to turn off “PUA vision” when with family or friends, and your priority is not women.

super girl xray vision


I walk around with PUA vision now that I’ve been going out for 2 weeks straight

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