PUA Seminars

Quick Definition: An in-class workshop as opposed to a bootcamp where students learn theories on the art of seduction.

Full Definition:

Seminars were the first generation of talks that Mystery and Juggler gave and subsequently other PUAs started developing. These were courses in class-like settings in hotel conference rooms where a specific topic of seduction is further explored. For example, there are seminars related to relationship management, breaking down an approach, or getting one night stands.

Mystery was the first to pioneer a “bootcamp” and learning in-field. Since then, coaches everywhere have copied this technique and now a weekend bootcamp usually consists of a seminar and subsequently in-field work at night.

This is not always the case, and students should clarify with the coaches or services they are purchasing beforehand to determine if in-field work is involved, or the program is just a series of seminars.


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Is this a seminar or is in-field work included?

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