PUA Nicknames

Quick Definition: Names that have been bestowed in honor, jest, or insult to a PUA. Can also refer to the PUA’s online screen name.

Full Definition:

PUA nicknames are used in the community to protect the true identity of the artist. Because of the personal and at times sexual nature of our discussions, nicknames are developed for personal protection from the public. Mine, for example, is “AlphaWolf”. PUA’s also develop nicknames based on their ideal image, or the man they wish to become. “Stone” for example recalls images of being stone cold in the face of adversity, another friend goes by “sexual twinkie”, which reflects his comedic nature and his dual Asian and white heritage.

Nicknames can also be given to already established PUA names. Jeffly “Jlaix” for example is also called “Jeff Allen” or “Rape Van Guy” or Mystery as “The magician with the furry hat”. As a PUA’s public persona grows, different names will be bestowed upon him. Sometimes, the intent can be malicious if a negative-image name sticks. Nonetheless, most PUAs usually come up with a name of their choosing that they use on the internet forums, and that becomes their stage in in-field.

Similar to the Mysterion character in South Park, PUA nicknames can incur awe and mystery and help protect the identity of the person behind the mask
Some PUAs are protective on their online identities, because they may be a respected doctor, lawyer, or executive


What’s your PUA nickname?

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