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    PUA Lingo.com launches: an in-depth look at old, present, and new seduction definitions and terminology.

    San Francisco, CA. January 21, 2009. AlphaWolf and Casual of the San Francisco lair recently launched a project that was a long time in the making: PUA Lingo.com. AlphaWolf answers some questions about the site:

    Q: What is PUA Lingo?

    A: PUA Lingo is the largest dictionary of PUA terms, acronyms, and definitions on the Internet. We wanted to make seduction terms and definitions easy to find and relevant, anytime, anywhere. It was important that the content was thoroughly researched so that artists can find relevant information on their specific topics.

    Q: What are your backgrounds in pickup?

    A: Casual started out after a long term relationship with a crush he had, when she told him they should just be friends (LJBF – let’s just be friends). I started back in San Francisco in 2006. One night I was having a bad night in San Francisco, and decided to walk out of the bar Holy Cow for some fresh air on the streets. Next to me a friend of a friend who always AMOG‘d me (asserted alpha-ness) came up, and for some reason started spilling some of his theories on game and happened to mention Neil Strauss’s book. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and only ordered the book out of curiosity a few weeks later. When I finally opened The Game I could not put it down! For 2 day straight I kept on reading and over the next 6 months I went out with fellow newbie PUAs in San Francisco to put some of the theories to the test.

    Q: So are you a master PUA now?

    A: Far from it. Mastery is such an elusive term. I consider myself an intermediate, and am able to auto-correct now based on my actual field experiences and manage some successful pickups here and there. Every once in a while I will have an amazing night, though I still believe that a true “10” in my books requires not only pickup skills but also a full lifestyle to match it.

    Q: Why did you start PUA Lingo?

    A: We were really frustrated during our journeys to become mPUAs. There were a lot of pitfalls, paradoxes, and also the whole industry is very commercialized. Newbies often think that the next PU product is going to be the “magic pill” to get them laid. It takes times and practice. We were also experiencing a lot of confusion over pickup terms, and what they meant exactly in the context of a specific school of thought. For example, “Identity” means totally different things in MM and in RSD. Did you know that?

    Q: That’s news to me. How much research have you done for this project?

    A: We took a painstaking 3 months of thorough research to come up with the definitions for the site, as well as a combined 4 years of our own experiences in the pickup community. By the time we launched the site, we had well over 350 terms that we researched, compared, and cross analyzed with all of the information (online and offline) out there. We feel that this is just scratching the surface, though, and we are continuing to add new words every week, including words that have been submitted by visitors of our site. So we’ve done a lot of research, but we have a whole lot more ahead of us.

    Q. What are your long term goals with the project?

    A: We feel we’ve only tapped about 10% of all the terms out there, and the more we do, the more we realize what we have yet to do! We want to continue to make the site informative by adding new terms, and fleshing out existing terms with more videos and links in order to deliver great content. Also, we have added pictures to terms that often eluded full meaning with only words. We also want to make the site fun, so that PUAs can have laugh as well as learn about a new theme or thought through our definitions. We would also like to get more feedback and new words– there are so many variations of PU lingo from around the world, and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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