• PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #7: The Craigslist Conquerer

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    How Hook Up With Girls Consistently Via Craigslist

    This interview sat on my desktop for over 30 days, as I hesitated to release the knowledge inside. After I got Aaron’s personal offer to help me as a coach on automating this system, I figured karma will reward me for sharing this piece of gem. Here goes…

    craigstlist personals pua

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    Through the process of natural selection, one of the affiliate requests that came through our site got my attention. After a thorough investigation and deep dive into the authenticity of the product and subsequently, the author, I am please to present to you a very unique and valuable interview with

    He’s a self proclaimed “below average, bald, overweight guy” who has figured out a system to get hot women via Craigslist. Like anything of value, it takes effort. However, once mastered, this is a consistently way to get laid without always going out and doing cold approaches.

    Why Listen?

    1. Listen to Aaron’s about his rise from a divorced, 30+, bald, and overweight guy to a master of getting laid via CL
    2. Learn the concept of “game” and how it executes via Craigslist
    3. Learn about the woman’s idea of sexual fantasies
    4. Realize the DRASTIC difference of how guys and how women think about sex on a deeper level
    5. Learn How to get really hot girls via the Internet… yes, you can do it
    Techniques discussed in this interview:
    1. What a “nibble” is and how to dangle it with your posts and replies
    2. How to compete with the other guys who are using CL to hookup
    3. How to visually draw our a sexual fantasy with your writing
    4. How to “Speak to the woman“, and the user. A overwhelming focus on the user, and how you can do something for her. Take it from her point of view
    5. How it is different city by city in the US
    6. The number of email exchanges via the meetup
    7. How timing works on CL
    8. How to setup the meetup, and how to keep things safe
    9. Troubleshooting #1 question: “you’re not an axe murderer are you?” question and other safety issues
    10. How to use the phone and text
    11. Daddy’s Girl, Mistress, Dominant Female roles
    12. How to avoid Time Wasters and Freakers


    Right here, exclusively on PUA Lingo!

    Audio File download here (Right click -> Save As…)

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    Kevin January 16, 2012 - 7:01 pm

    That’s pretty cool. I’ve seen his book online for a while, I never personally had success on craigslist. However, I’ll check it out and defiantly try some the things he suggested.

    alphawolf January 16, 2012 - 7:02 pm

    I’m going to start trying this myself and will post my progress on it on my blog. (https://www.pualingo.com/)

    Aaron was nice enough to offer to help me with this

    Socialkenny February 2, 2012 - 9:23 am

    Sounds interesting.But I’m wondering if this would apply to gaming on dating sites

    alphawolf February 2, 2012 - 6:57 pm

    Not really, only the mindset. The techniques he uses are VERY specific to CL

    TangoFoxtrot February 4, 2012 - 10:11 am

    While I agree with AlphaWolf that the Craigslist Conqueror’s techniques are specific to CL, I think some of them can be translated to other sites. Alpha’s correct that that the mindset definitely translates to other dating sites. But so do some of the communication strategies and techniques.

    While you can’t open on other dating sites with really direct sexual interaction and fantasy play, you can write your profiles and conduct your communications writing from the girls’ point of view. Offer them something you want to do or can provide, but phrase it from their point of view and in language they will appreciate and respond to. This can distinguish your profile by miles above the other guys’ and get you the opening you’re looking for.

    Remember…..women process differently than men. Touching that nerve right will get a reaction! Good luck!

    Aaron Smith February 4, 2012 - 9:57 pm

    Hi, Socialkenny!

    As Alphawolf said, the Craigslist Conqueror method isn’t a guide for all online dating, although many concepts in the book are helpful in understanding women in any situation, including online dating. Here’s why traditional online dating is specifically different than what I advise in Craigslist Conqueror:

    I started out with traditional online dating. I did okay-ish with it, but found that the standard format of dating sites is limiting, and those limits are due to the use of profiles. I realized that profiles created three challenges for me:

    1. They were frequently created and then abandoned by women. Women I would have loved to have had a chance to have a conversation with.

    2. My profile often got hits from women who were not local to me.

    3. And the MOST LIMITING part of the standard online dating experience was that my profile — and the questions asked to create the profile — made me into what I call “a woman’s considered purchase.”

    In other words, before a woman even says hi on a standard dating site, she has learned: your height, your body type, your eye color, your hair color, your age, your birth sign or birth date, whether you’ve ever been married, how many kids you have if any, what part of town you live in, your hobbies, your favorite foods and what you like to do on a date. On some sites she may also learn: your salary, your sexual proclivities and how well your lifestyle/psychological profile match up with hers.

    This format determines her function on the dating site. Most women would never know (or feel the need to know) all of that information about you before saying hi if she met you in a club or at a party. But since your information is right there, she will study it, as she will study the information about every man she has a chance to speak with. The information is there, therefore it must be important in her decision whether to invest time in a conversation with you. This makes you a “Considered Purchase.” Cars are considered purchases. Financial investments are considered purchases. Homes are considered purchases. These are decisions that matter and that she will have to live with for a LONG time. So she examines you from all available angles before deciding whether to send you a note that says something as noncommittal as “Hi.” Or if she thinks she can find someone whose information makes him seem like a better investment of her time, she will move on without so much as a word.

    However, in the Craigslist Casual Encounters section, there are no profiles. There are just personal ads done in the moment, always making their way down the page as newer ads are posted. This make the entire action of meeting women on Craigslist different than a traditional dating sites in four important ways:

    1. If you reply to a woman on Craigslist, it will never be something she posted months ago and forgot about. It’s dynamic, in the now. She posted it within the past 15 minutes (on rare occasions, within the past two hours at most) and she is looking for NOW. Because she is looking for NOW, usually NOW means she’s not looking for Mr. Right. If you’re fast and smart in how you answer, you can meet her tonight and be her Mr. Right Now.

    2. Because this format is a lot more anonymous than traditional dating sites (a woman doesn’t have to post pictures of herself, or anything else that might publicly identify her) she is completely free to look for an experience outside of what her “peers” would expect of her. The “good girl” can be a “total slut” for the night. A powerful professional woman with a respectable job can open herself up to an experience that would shock those who work with her if they ever found out about it. But because the posting of ads and answering of emails can be so anonymous, nobody — other than the man she chooses — ever has to know.

    3. Each Craigslist page is created for one particular city. If you do happen to talk to a woman who is in another city, it’s because she was specifically fishing for a man in your area. She’ll probably be visiting in the next few days and is planning ahead. But 99% of the women you talk to on Craigslist will be women you are local to right now.

    4. Since you advertise yourself with a personal ad instead of a profile (no pre-formatted questions, surveys or essays) this changes the entire structure of the relationship. First, you are no longer a “Considered Purchase.” You only include the information you want the reader to know at that moment. And if you follow my method, you will create a “persona” (or several personas) that becomes a woman’s “Impulse Purchase.” A pack of gum is an impulse purchase. A candy bar is an impulse purchase. An unplanned clothing purchase that wasn’t even in her budget for the month is an impulse purchase. These are fun choices that are made quickly, often disregarding a planned-out lifestyle that doesn’t usually accommodate these choices.

    To be blunt: hooking up with a guy she just met is an impulse purchase. Dating a guy that might have long-term potential is a considered purchase.

    Second, getting back to the “personas” I mentioned, instead of providing a full explanation of everything you are as a human being in a dating profile, on Craigslist the use of ads gives you the unique opportunity to use each one you place to focus on ONE interesting aspect of yourself. In a standard dating profile, you are probably just another guy who, to most women, doesn’t seem THAT much unlike most of the guys in your town. But in one Craigslist ad, maybe you’re “The Fun Guy Who Wants to Take a Fun Woman Out For Dinner Tonight.” In the next ad a few minutes later, maybe you’re someone else: “The Mystery Man Who Does That Special Thing With His Tongue.” In the next ad, maybe you’re someone else, this time “The Ass Who Treats Women Like Crap But They Keep Coming Back For Some Reason.” You can focus on as many individual aspects of yourself as you have the time to place ads.

    And the best part of all of this is that Craigslist is free and generally anonymous. Which means you can continue to use traditional dating sites, hopefully looking for Miss Right, as you develop your game with a group of Miss Right Nows (or even with just one Miss Right now if that’s more your style). Either way, once you have a few regular hook-ups you can count on, you can go out on more standard dates with no real sexual pressure, knowing that if things go really well, great! And if things don’t go well, there is someone pretty fun who may make herself available later in the evening.

    Does that answer your question, Socialkenny?

    Socialkenny February 5, 2012 - 7:37 am

    Hanks for the break down.Now I realize that it’s totally different than traditional dating sites(since it doesn’t require much personal info).

    And another great point you made was the “NOW” factor,where the girl is looking to hook up NOW,opposed to something long term(in the example you gave).

    Socialkenny February 3, 2012 - 3:14 am

    Ok I get that.


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