PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #7: The Craigslist Conquerer

How Hook Up With Girls Consistently Via Craigslist

This interview sat on my desktop for over 30 days, as I hesitated to release the knowledge inside. After I got Aaron’s personal offer to help me as a coach on automating this system, I figured karma will reward me for sharing this piece of gem. Here goes…

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Through the process of natural selection, one of the affiliate requests that came through our site got my attention. After a thorough investigation and deep dive into the authenticity of the product and subsequently, the author, I am please to present to you a very unique and valuable interview with

He’s a self proclaimed “below average, bald, overweight guy” who has figured out a system to get hot women via Craigslist. Like anything of value, it takes effort. However, once mastered, this is a consistently way to get laid without always going out and doing cold approaches.

Why Listen?

  1. Listen to Aaron’s about his rise from a divorced, 30+, bald, and overweight guy to a master of getting laid via CL
  2. Learn the concept of “game” and how it executes via Craigslist
  3. Learn about the woman’s idea of sexual fantasies
  4. Realize the DRASTIC difference of how guys and how women think about sex on a deeper level
  5. Learn How to get really hot girls via the Internet… yes, you can do it
Techniques discussed in this interview:
  1. What a “nibble” is and how to dangle it with your posts and replies
  2. How to compete with the other guys who are using CL to hookup
  3. How to visually draw our a sexual fantasy with your writing
  4. How to “Speak to the woman“, and the user. A overwhelming focus on the user, and how you can do something for her. Take it from her point of view
  5. How it is different city by city in the US
  6. The number of email exchanges via the meetup
  7. How timing works on CL
  8. How to setup the meetup, and how to keep things safe
  9. Troubleshooting #1 question: “you’re not an axe murderer are you?” question and other safety issues
  10. How to use the phone and text
  11. Daddy’s Girl, Mistress, Dominant Female roles
  12. How to avoid Time Wasters and Freakers


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