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    Interviews with the top Pick Up Artists, Dating Coaches, and Lifestyle Experts in the world. Take your game to the next level by learning from the best, including:

    Arash Dibazar
    DJ Fuji
    DJ Fuji
    Kezia Noble
    Kezia Noble
    Jon Sinn
    Jon Sinn
    Joshua Pellicer
    Josh Pellicer

    Masters Interview Series

    Episode 22. Zan Perrion | Ars Amorata

    Episode 21. Adrian | Phoenix Human Psychology

    Episode 20. Justin Wayne | In Field Pickup Videos

    Episode 19. Manwhore | Manwhore.org

    Episode 18. Jared “Psych” Lawrence | Tao of DJ Fuji

    Episode 17. Crew Spence | Ethical Pickup

    Episode 16. Gareth Jones | Art of the Playboy

    Episode 15. James Matador | The Pickup Artist Seasons 1 + 2

    Episode 14. Johnny Cassell and Ali Natural | From Kezia-Noble

    Episode 13. Sinn | Effortless Communications

    Episode 12. Roosh V | Traveling and Best Cities for PU Q&A

    Episode 11. Hydro | Online Dating Secrets for PUAs

    Episode 10. Richard La Ruina (Gamber) | Quality Girls and Hot Europeans

    Episode 9. DJ Fuji | Super Q&A Session

    Episode 8. Andy Yosha | Day Game Secrets and Mastery

    Episode 7. The Craigslist Conqueror | Getting Lays from Craigslist?

    Episode 6. Joshua Pellicer | ONS and Tao of Badass

    Episode 5. Brad P | One Night Stands and Proper Phone Game

    Episdoe 4. Arash Dibazar | Origins and Seductive Instinct

    Episode 3. Kezia Noble | Bitch With A Heart Training Men

    Episode 2. Jon Sinn | How To Get One Night Stands

    Episode 1. DJ Fuji & Daniel Rose | The Sex God Method