PUA Lingo Breaks 400 Definitions!

Today we posted our 400th PUA related definition to our site. PUA Lingo has been going now for about a month, and it is exciting to see how much our site has grown in such a short time. PUA Lingo is already the largest dictionary of PUA terms and acronyms on the Internet, and now with over 400 words defined, we’ve reached a new milestone.

For much of our success, we must give credit to our readers, who have submitted words that were missing from our site. One reader from Brussels (Belgium), who goes by the name Cruise, submitted nearly a dozen words such as “pseudo seeker” and “female pick up artist”, that we are just beginning to add to our site. We have received many comments from readers from around the world, which have helped us realize that pickup is turning into an international phenomenon, and we are looking forward to adding more PUA related terminology that is being developed in other countries.

We’ve also expanded our lexicon by moving beyond the traditional PUA terms developed by Mystery and other originators of the game, and exploring newer terms that are being coined by up-and-coming instructors. The “2 second rule”, for example, is a fairly new term developed by Dan of Charisma Coaching, which is nevertheless a very useful conversational technique. Other words, like “situational confidence” are words being developed by innovators such as Tyler Durden to explain the complexities of social dynamics and natural game.

With over 400 words on our site, we feel we have a very valuable resource for aspiring PUAs looking to learn the lingo. However, the words that we’ve added are just the tip of the iceberg so far as PUA terms are concerned, and there is still a lot of work to be done before our site is a truly comprehensive list of PUA terminology. Please feel free to submit a word if you have any suggestions for any words we may be missing.

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