PUA Field Intuition

AKA In-Field Intuition

Quick Definition: The 6th sense that develops after a few extensive years of in-field training. This 6th sense hones in on recognizing, sometimes unconsciously, certain subtle patterns of social situations and what’s really going on before they actually happen.

Full Definition:

Over time, patterns of girls behavior starts emerging and you can start to expect what will happen in a given scenario. When the girl will have LMR, or when you are about to be interrupted by someone. Sometimes reading a girl’s body language can tell you if she’s with a guy or not.

Intuition develop over time, as any master of any field will start recognizing patterns in their craft. Sometimes these are subconscious – a subtle eye flicker here, or a body notion there. The conscious brain may not even be aware of it. In the Starcraft / gaming world, the commentators call this “game-sense”. It is as if the player can sense his opponents moves and explores a section of that map where they think a ninja expansion will occur.

Intuition yoda pua

Similarly, a seasoned PUA may get some sense as to the girl’s social situation and whether or not she knows a guy through practice. PUA intuition is helpful in assessing situations quickly, and sometimes making the “right” guesses more so than wrong ones about social situations.


You’re beginning to develop a strong in-field intuition of social situations.

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