PUA Groupies

Quick Definition: Girls who seek out famous PUAs solely for the sake of bedding them.

Full Definition:

In the book The Game, Style outlines how the sister of a friend had sex with him in a hot tub simply because she knew of his exploits as a famous PUA. While there are groupies that worship any man of any field, PUA groupies are particularly interesting to due to the fact that they know the PUA is a player and has many girls.

Most PUA groupies are either really into game and social dynamics (i.e. Chessy Jeffys’ girlfriend who likes 3somes) , or they just have a crush on a particular PUA. Some have been hurt by men before and want revenge, others are simply curious about the seduction community culture.

Because PUA celebrities are the leader of men, their natural draw and charisma and the fact that hundreds of men follow them may become attractive to women over time. Groupies can inspire, wreck, insinuate, glorify the PUA’s mentality and the relationship he has with his core group of friends and family. As such, it is important to choose them carefully.

Faith Californication
The character Faith was a great groupie in the series Californication


Those girls at the seminar are total PUA groupies

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