PUA Forums

Quick Definition: An online community of PUAs sharing ideas via “threads” composed of hundreds of subjects, questions, thoughts, all in the form of a “online forum.”

Full Definition:

PUA Forums didn’t always look like it did today. Today, there are a multitude of forums that have all sorts of pick up and dating discussions (see below). Prior to The Game, Fast Seduction was the main Pick Up Artist forum on the internet. Mystery’s Lounge was also active for Mystery Method alumni.

Today, there are many forums, some public and some private that boost a wide variety of members. Of particular note is the difference between pick up forums—they are analytic and usually involve field reports and post debriefing.

Zan Perrion also runs a “natural game” forum, where authenticity and the “way of being” is discussed more than the tactics and techniques. There has been a rise of the number of women on PUA forums, as well as the creation of women’s forums on how to meet men.


Which PUA Forum is the best online?

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