PUA Elitist

Quick Definition: The tendency of good PUAs or Naturals to become judgmental about others who are not as good.

Full Definition:

Over time, it is easy to look down upon guys who first start out in the game. Maybe you weren’t as bad when you firs started out. Nonetheless, you at one point needed help, and these new players need help now.

Elitism is easy because there is always that “us” vs. “them” mentality of the ego, and it can happen in pick up or any other activity. In salsa, some of the better dancers can also be elitist and judge people or exclude them from their group from a lack of dancing experience.

Intermediate PUAs who still don’t have everything “down” can become cynical and only want to hangout with the best, because they are in search of that knowledge. It is hard to blame them because they still feel something is missing and is moving in that direction. What I failed to realize at that time was that I could have learned also from teaching others what I knew so far. So you learn to balance your time between the really good PUAs and the beginners and help out when you can, because you will learn more about yourself and your game in the process.

Generally speaking, the community is pretty good about helping brothers out as we all started out being “bad” with women and we can relate to how that feels like for a newbie.



You’re being a PUA elitist mate

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