• PUA Diva Behavior

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The sometimes erratic egotistical behavior from a PUA who has lost his sense of nobleness and humbleness in learning the game, using it as a crutch to prove that he’s better than others.

    Full Definition:

    As PUAs start to gain knowledge, the ego may step in and latch onto the “PUA” as an identity. This creates a sense of entitlement and cockiness with the PUA’s new-found knowledge. He suddenly thinks he’s better than other people who are not into pick up, and may start acting out diva-style.

    Usually, this happens quite often with guys who were not popular or could not get girls before. This new power allows them to garner satisfaction from their success. Masters realize that happiness is the default state, and their original lives were not that bad, and that ultimately women cannot make you love yourself – only you can do that. Without this realization, PUAs who use women as a way of satisfying a personal hole in his soul become vampires, and is always looking for the next lay, instead of discovering their true purpose and being at peace and harmony with oneself.

    Sometimes, newbies exhibit diva behavior when they don’t succeed right away. This is just a lack of discipline along with a bad attitude. “The game sucks! Girls suck! This shit doesn’t work!” “Why am I not getting laid? It’s been 2 weeks!” Getting rid of the “magic pill right now” mentality that is so entrenched in capitalistic America is the key to developing the discipline that is required to learn proper game, as well as excelling at many other skill sets.


    On the show The Pick Up Artist on Vh1, Pradeep exhibits extreme PUA diva behavior and fails to learn all he can from Mystery


    You’re being a PUA Diva dude – stop it.

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