• PUA Convention

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A convention (usually once a year) of master PUAs who give talks and seminars on their latest techniques and developments in game.

    Full Definition:

    There is a long history of PUA Conventions. The first was started by Johnny Wolf based in LA and also Cliff in Toronto, Canada. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, almost all of the main PUAs (Mystery, Style, David DeAngelo) came to these conventions.

    These days, there are conventions everywhere. Although there are many PUAs and mPUAs in attendance, they are more spread out. Not all of the first generation older “big stars” or “gurus” that were once on the scene are still present at all the conventions. The influx of new mPUAs and younger PUAs also are featured during these conventions.

    Zan during one the Cliff Conventions:

    A younger generation of pickup instructors at the 21 Convention


    The 21 PUA Convention meets once a year in Stockholm

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