PUA Acronyms List

Don’t know your AMOG from your AFC? Clueless about the SUISC? We’ve got the most complete list of pick up artist acronyms and abbreviations around, from AA to ZNS! If you happen to find any we’re missing, please send it to us and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

We’ve spent years creating the ultimate guide for all concepts and things PUA related. It is now available to you just a mouse click away below.

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@close Email Close

#close Number Close



AA Approach Anxiety

AFC Average Frustrated Chump

AFOG Alpha Female Of Group

AI Accomplished Introduction

AI Approach Invitation

AMOG Alpha Male Of Group

AMOG Alpha Male Other Guy

Anti-AI Anti-Approach Invitation

AOC Art of Charm

AOTP Art of the Pickup

aPUA Aspiring Pick Up Artist

ASF Alt.seduction.fast


BAFC Below Average Frustrated Chump

BC Bootcamp

BF Boyfriend

BHRR Bait, Hook, Reel, Release

BL Body Language

BS Bitch Shield

BT Buying Temperature

BT Spike Buying Temperature Spike

BWS Beautiful Woman Syndrome


C&B Crash and Burn

C&F Cocky & Funny

CA Charisma Arts

CP Comfort Plan

CR Canned Routine

CT Compliance Test


DAI Dead Approach Invitation

DDBL Doggy Dinner Bowl Look

DHV Demonstration of Higher Value

DJ Don Juan

DLV Display Low Value

DQ Disqualification

DYD Double Your Dating


E&E Eject & Explain

EBD Error by D

EC Emotional Connection

EC Eye Contact

EV Eliciting Values

EwE Eject With Explanation


FB Close Facebook Close

FGOP Fat Girl Overhead Photo

FMAC Find Meet Attract Close

FPC First Phone Call

FPUA Female Pick Up Artist

FR Field Report

FTC False Time Constraint

FZ Friend Zone


GClose Girl Close


HB Hot Babe

HB Hunny Bunny

HC High Class

HP Hook Point

HV High Value


IID Insider Internet Dating

IO Incidental opportunity

IOD Indicator of Disinterest

IOI Indicator of Interest

IOM It’s On Moment

ISI Indicator of Sexual Interest

Interest, Value, Connection IVC

IVD Instant/Interactive Value Display


JAW Just Another Wannabe


KClose Kiss Close

Kino Kinesthetics

KJ Keyboard Jockey


LC Low Class

LCM Life Changing Moment

LDR Long Distance Relationship

LJBF Let’s Just Be Friends

LR Lay Report

LSE Low Self Esteem

LTR Long Term Relationship

LV Low Value


mASF Moderated Alt Seduction Fast

MCDS Most Chicks Don’t Suffice

MCR Mini Cold Read

MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationship

MLTR^2 Multiple Long Term Relationship Squared

MLTR^3 Multiple Long Term Relationship Cubed

MM Mystery Method

MO Modus Operandi

MPB Male Pattern Blindness

mPUA Master Pick Up Artist


Negs Neg Hit/Negging

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

NRFR Not Ready For a Relationship


OEQ Open Ended Question

ONS One Night Stand

OQ Over Qualification

OR Outing Report


pAImAI Pre-Approach Invitation, male Approach Invitation

PDA Public Display of Affection

POTF Pattern On-The-Fly

Pre-me Premature Ejectulaton

PS Pseudo Seeker

PTS Point To Self

PU Pick Up

PUA Pick Up Artist

PUG Pick Up Guru

PUM Pick Up Master

PuP Pickup Podcast


rAFC Recovering Average Frustrated Chump

RAS Reticular Activation System

RSD Real Social Dynamics


S&R Survival and Replication Value

SDL Same Day Lay

SMP Sexual Market Place

SMV Sexual Market Value

SNL Single/Same Night Lay

SnT Separate-Together

SOD Signal/Statement of Disinterest

SOI Show of Interest

SOI Statement of Intent

SP Self Point

SRE Set Rich Environment

SS Speed Seduction

STR Short Term Relationship

SUAL Shut up and Lead

SUISC Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community


TA Turn Around

TPU Travel Pick Up


uASF Unmoderated alt.seduction.fast

UFEA Universal Female Excuse Archive

USP Unique Selling Proposition


WBAFC Way Below Average Frustrated Chump


YAOR Yet Another Outing Report


ZNS Zero Night Stand