• Psychological Time

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    Quick Definition: A tendency of modern day humans to associate the element of time with a strong emotion or ego-based feeling/identity.

    Full Definition:

    Explained by Eckhart Tolle as a major source of human suffering, psychological time is time as we think of it, instead of time purely as a useful, logical fact of reality. As opposed to “Click Time”, which is logical, to the point, detached from emotions.

    For example, Tolle explains:

    If you made a mistake in the past and learn from it now, you are using clock time. One the other hand, if you dwell on it mentally, and self-criticism, remorse, or guilt come up, then you are making the mistake into “me” and “mine”: You make it part of your sense of self, and it has become psychological time, which is always linked to a false sense of identity. Non forgiveness (of yourself, of others) necessarily implies a heavy burden of psychological time.

    This type of psychological time also applies to  the future. For example, “It is 9pm! Oh no. I’m going to be late. People will make fun of me. I’ll never fit in at this party”. Instead of just accepting that the party is at 9pm, there are all these emotions. “I will be super rich a year from now and then I’ll be happy… just more time”, instead of enjoying the process of getting there, and being happy in the present.


    So how does one manage time without being psychologically dragged into ego-based thinking? The “present” people are still peripherally aware of time. In other words, they continue to use clock time but are free of psychological time. They use time to their advantage. “The meeting is at 10? Good to know that piece of information to manage my schedule today”.


    Don’t make sarging be psychological time. Chill, accept what is, as well as the timing of the parties.

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