Pseudo Seeker (PS)

Quick Definition: An aPUA who looks for the quick fix instead of asking himself the real questions.

Full Definition:

Pseudo seekers are PUAs and wannabe PUAs who take a very superficial approach to pickup. Pseudo seekers often do not realize that their lack of success with women is a symptom of a deeper problem. Instead, they seek a superficial solution to their problem of not getting laid, such as memorizing pickup lines, learning routines, and otherwise tricking women into bed. While such tactics may result in some sex, it will not lead to lasting happiness or successful relationships.

A mature PUA takes a broader approach to pickup, developing an attractive lifestyle and attractive qualities for himself, instead of just chasing after the latest tactic to get a woman into bed. The difference between a pseudo seeker and a true PUA is their emphasis on the development core value. It is the difference between asking “How can I display high value?” and “How can I BE high value?”

Related Terms: Authenticity, Core Value, Perceived Value, Inner Game, Social Robot, Blind Spot

Source: Cruise

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