Proximity / Proximity Alert System (PAS)

Quick Definition: A PUA’s awareness of women who have migrated closer to him because of an attraction or curiosity triggered by a DHV.

Full Definition:

Proximity occurs when the PUA demonstrates value within a venue that other women can see. This can involve flash game or being locked-in with other HBs in the club. Women are not consciously aware of this, but they will place themselves close to the PUA. Usually the interested HB will stand her back turned facing away from the PUA, hoping that he will approach.

Proximity evidences surface when the PUA opens and, without demonstrating any value, receives a very warm, “Oh, hello!” response from the target, indicating that she’s already attracted to the PUA via social proof.


Watch your proximity and see how the girls position themselves in the room as you lock-in with this 2 set.

Related Terms: Social Proof, Lock-In, Flash Game, DHV, Body Language, Eye Contact

Source: Mystery

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