• Protection Shield

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition:

    Can refer to a less negative term for Bitch Shield. Mystery mentions it in the Venusian Arts as a shield she puts up for nice guys who failed to attract her.

    Full Definition:

    Have you ever had a date with a girl you found unattractive? Have you ever felt that no matter how cool or great she was, she was just not physically attractive to you? This happens the same way for women when the guy is socially not high value enough. If she doesn’t have initial attraction towards you, no amount of verbal DHVs can change her mind.

    protection shield

    You can only get past to seduction if you lower a girl’s shields to her emotions

    Beautiful women get it all the time, several times a day of guys trying to impress her or build comfort with her. Without her attraction switches being hit, any comfort building usually ends in the friend zone, or is a waste of time.

    Some mPUAs have figured out ways around the M3 model, and generate extreme friendly comfort, only to build up attraction later. This is possible but only possible if he is actually a high value guy, or she eventually finds out about his very attractive qualities. Regardless, if she sees or understands no social value from the guy, chances are, she will not sleep with him.

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