Propinquity / Propinquity Effect

Quick Definition: The tendency of people to form social bonds and engage in relationships with those closer in proximity to them.

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Propinquity itself is a term developed by MIT psychologists in the 1950s based on the Westgate Studies.

The term can mean a physical closeness and proximity between people and their level of “attraction” towards each other as the level of propinquity. For example, people who live on the same floor of an apartment building form closer friendships, and those that live in the same area are more likely to become friends.

The propinquity effect refers to the statistical significance of people forming friendships or romantic / sexual relationships with those they encounter the most, who also live the closest.

In pick up terms, this type of effect is very powerful in creating a level of “attraction,” “comfort,” or a combination of both through “propinquity.” Imagine running into the same girl and saying hello a couple of times at the bar, or seeing the same bartender at a place you often visit. The chances and likelihood of a conversation and familiarity is much higher.

college coed dorms
One of the reasons to goto college: high propinquity between female and male students

Propinquity can also be used by PUAs to select dorms that have coed housing or locations in major cities that are close to bars and a large segment of attractive women. These social forces allow sex and relationships to be more likely to happen, as opposed to living in a suburban town with a small population and less density.


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