• Promoter Game

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Building social connections with club owners and promoters in order to improve one’s social value and access to venues.

    Full Definition:

    Promoter game is important for any PUA interested in working the club scene. The basic idea behind promoter game is to make friends with promoters and club owners of the venues you’re interested in sarging regularly. For smaller venues, this can be as simple as going to a venue regularly, and genuinely greeting the promoters. For bigger venues, it may take more to get noticed, such as buying promoters drinks or bringing lots of friends (especially women) with you to the venue, so that the owner sees you as someone who is worth getting to know (high social value).

    Promoters and club owners have high social value during night game because they have a lot of connections and are the “gatekeepers” to the most exclusive venues. Befriending promoters also allows you to leverage parties and special events that are taking place and get access and privilege to the club scene. Promoters generally know a lot of hot women, and they may be willing to introduce you if you get to know them well. Going clubbing also becomes a lot more fun when you have an in with the owner.

    More generally, it is a good idea for PUAs to be social and build relationships with everyone in a club, all the way from the owner and promoters, to the bouncers, bartenders, and busboys. Again, the more people you know in a venue, the more comfortable you will feel there, and the more fun you will have. You’ll also have an easier time getting in if you have friends that are bouncers. Knowing the staff at the bar or a club also serves as social proof and can help raise your social value.

    Always remember that promoting a club is a job. Just like any other job, there may be a point where the promoter get bored. There are good promoters and bad promoters. Good promoters make their jobs a high priority while trying to treat everyone with respect. Their general attitude is, “if everyone has a good time and the club makes money, I’ve done my job right.” Bad promoters can be biased, selfish, sometimes will cockblock guys out of their girlfriends by using their situational confidence at the club scene.

    Given the amount of stimulation in club game, a natural alphaness and warmth will allow a PUA to befriend any working staff members while retaining his own value.


    John has been running promoter game since he was in highschool

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