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    Project GO is a subscription program from Simple Pickup. It is an educational and motivational program, teaching you how to pick up girls, and how to improve your social life.


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    Simple Pickup started by posting videos of themselves picking up girls as a dare, dressed as animated characters, Harry Potter, emos and even while in wheelchairs. While their videos aim to entertain, their subscription service Project Go is designed to show you the technique behind all the madness. The dares actually do have a purpose, to give them confidence for go time.

    What Is Project GO?

    Jesse, Kong and Jason are the three guys who started Simple Pickup in Los Angeles. These guys are young and confident but weren’t always so. Their strength was a great sense of humor that to good use in attracting women. They’re known for approaching a girl directly or doing something out there to get her attention.  This is where the confidence is built, by daring to approach over and over they build a high tolerance to rejection and public humiliation. They may or may not get a result, but they keep going for it, building confidence and resistance to rejection and show you how to go for it too.

    So Project GO is a monthly subscription service, updated weekly, accessible only by subscribers. Basic subscription is $10/month and includes in the field videos along with commentary afterwards explaining what happened and why. Advanced subscription is $20/month and includes the same videos, plus podcasts, Q&A responses, and live video chat with the guys. Cancellation is free at any point if you decide it’s not for you.

    Each week there is a new video demonstrating some aspect of the game – how to pass tests, how to handle a group of girls, or how to kiss a girl very quickly. Sometimes they show a student from one of their boot camps in action and show you redirects they’ve given him.

    Can you apply it in the field?

    You have to watch the videos, make some connections in your mind then go out and apply it. It’s a great format but they can’t give you the super power of witty words.  So less experienced guys may find it harder to implement what they are seeing. But it is gaining confidence through trials that is their strong point. They did it, they survived, they even enjoyed it because, as they demonstrate, it’s not that big of a deal to be rejected if you just set out to have a good time and see what you catch.

    OK and they swear a lot and use sex talk so don’t be offended, you’ve walked into a frat dorm of sex nerds. They eat and sleep this stuff as a science so be warned they know their stuff. You don’t have to be their age or after college girls as women are women and technique is technique.

    You can watch their free clips on YouTube, but the subscription lets you into a whole other world, and their experience.

    The Best Bit

    Simple Pickup produces excellent quality in the field videos, making them a leader in the whole dating industry. They show pickups in various situations that you can replicate, show how humor works in these situations and give evidence of how being direct and confident around women actually works.

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