Professional PUA

Quick Definition: A PUA who practices and makes a living from teaching pickup full time. Often, he has other credentials as well as a resume working with the biggest companies in the game.

Full Definition:

Professional PUAs come in a very different types, generally speaking:

  1. Someone who was a socially awkward kid, who was super determined to become good with women and general social interactions.
  2. Someone who was exceptionally skilled in another area of life. (Most often, in business, or martial arts, or a specialized skill like engineering or being a professor.) Despite his best efforts, his success in these areas did not translate with the ladies, and he seeks to improve this area of his life.
  3. Someone who was a natural, or was getting laid without “game” but wanted to become as good as he can with the ladies.

All good professional PUAs have a strong brand, marketing, and a long history of accomplishments within the community. Dating coaches can also become professional PUAs, although they tend to be a different branch (referring more to dating tips and also coaching women on relationship matters). Professional PUAs come and go, but the ones that last are the ones who genuinely want to help their students and have the hardcore skills to back up their claims and marketing in the industry.

Example of Gambler working as a professional PUA trainer:


I am a professional PUA

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